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TEETH: BLOOD COTILLION is a grotesque, single-session, standalone table-top roleplaying game for 3-6 people (including the GM).

It is set during a single night at a high-society ball, in a cursed corner of 18th-century England. The players are formidable assassins, disguised as husband-hunting ingenues, who must root out the occult evil that lurks in the manor, destroy it and, ideally, survive. 

The game uses a simplified version of the Forged In The Dark rules to tell this troubling story of peril and unpleasantness, and is designed to be played in a single session. It should take between three and five hours to play, during which time the ball goers will make horrifying decisions to achieve their victory over the supernatural, and also over polite society.

The full package includes:

  • 45  pages of delirious 18th century ballroom intrigue and occult savagery
  • many illustrations therein
  • two maps (one with a full colour version)
  • two info-packed quick reference guides for GM and players
  • playbooks
  • digital versions of the playbooks
  • and various low-ink alternatives for the above

It's a fair bit. 

(We aren't selling a pre-printed zine of BLOOD COTILLION as yet, but if you'd like to be notified of such an event then why not subscribe to our delightful newsletter? Or you could just print it out yourself and stick it together with Sellotape.)

The game was written by Jim Rossignol and Marsh Davies, with illustrations by Marsh Davies, too. Follow us on Bluesky, if you like: 


BLOOD COTILLION is a cut-down scenario based on our full-sized game setting, TEETH. We've also released two other one-shots of this kind (and one of them is even free). Find them, and anything else we do, on our main TEETH page.


Number of players: 3-6 (including GM)
Length: 3-5 hours
Release Date: 2021 

Don't forget: editable versions of the Playbooks compatible with Google Sheets are also supplied! Just copy them off and edit them yourself.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsForged in the Dark, Horror, One-shot, Period Piece, zine


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this table-top RPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Teeth: Blood Cotillion (PDF) 5 MB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion (single pages) (PDF) 5 MB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion (low ink version) (PDF) 253 kB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Players Section (PDF) 1 MB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Players Section (low ink version) (PDF) 108 kB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - GM Quick Reference Sheet 77 kB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Players Quick Reference Sheet 617 kB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Playbooks (PDF) 172 kB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Playbooks (low ink version) (PDF) 110 kB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Map of the Buckleridge Estate (colour) 26 MB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Map of the Buckleridge Estate (low ink version) 7 MB
Teeth: Blood Cotillion - Floorplan of Buckleridge Manor 4 MB


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I played this game a few months ago as a one shot, and I just keep thinking about it. It's completely delightful - probably my favorite one shot I've ever played. The vibes are impeccable, and there's enough information to set up play without not knowing what to do, but also we felt free to make our own conclusion to the story. As soon as the full game comes out, I am pressing "buy" as fast as my human fingers can go.


Thanks so much for the kind words! We're working on TEETH itself quite urgently.

I played this last night with a bunch of friends and had a great time. It was a very different scenario from the first one (Night of the Hogmen) - I was able to play the 'Night' scenario with zero prep - I read it as the players were progressing. For this one you definitely want to read it ahead of time as this is a very open/sandbox style scenario where the players can talk/explore a ton of places in any order. 

What I really liked:

  • the character sheets/playbooks are super evocative and great. The characters are all assassins so they aren't as varied as with the first scenario, but they're all excellent and the items/special abilities are incredible
  • the NPCs are all packed to the gills with awesome plot hooks. Vague one liners like 'this person's predilection for jam got them kicked out of boarding school' or 'the infamous owl affair' give you just enough to craft something memorable that fits with what is happening with your characters
  • the system is stripped down Forged In The Dark with just the right amount of rules for a one shot.

I'm hoping that you keep doing more of these scenarios - I don't need a full system, I just want more super well done one shots to run. I'm sure I'll buy teeth, but if you could crank these out one at a time and show off the world/system that way I'd love it.

Thanks for making this!

Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. We're super proud of Blood Cotillion! We have another adventure coming soon - a little delayed by some real  life responsibilities.

Hi, is there a version in single-page format? I can only see spreads.

There is now!

Thank you!

Is there anything to link this with Night of the Hogmen? Is the world of Teeth about macabre horror, or an 18th century apocalyptic event, or such?

An 18th century apocalyptic event, yes. The  people in Hogmen were on their way to the same region in which Blood Cotillion takes place. When we bring out the bigger Teeth setting, it will link this stuff properly.

Hey, do you guys have any objections to someone streaming their session online or uploading it to YouTube?

Not in the slightest! Have fun!

Awesome, thanks! I'm sure we will :)